Why I became an AVON Representative and currently LOVE what I do.

Before I was recruited into AVON, I was struggling to find work. This was a very frustrating and at times, depressing period in my life. I found myself nearing 40, having devoted most of my time to my children. Not only did I feel completely out of the loop in regards to job experience, being a mum also limited the time I could be available. My kids come first and I never wanted to leave them in school for most of the day and then into childcare, only for me to come home as they were going to bed. I also don’t have any family around to help out with childcare, so that knocked working weekends off the list as well.
When I was approached to become an AVON Rep, I was very dubious about it all. Like most of us, my mind was on the money and I really didn’t see AVON as the answer to my financial difficulties. In my mind, I was very focused on the material aspect and pushing myself to achieve bigger commissions. Is it possible to achieve high earnings as an AVON Rep? Absolutely! It takes time though. This isn’t a ‘job’, this is a business. With any business, you have to put more energy into starting up and at first, you might not see the bigger commissions. I thought about giving it up after the first campaign, even though I had done well, I hadn’t done as well as I had liked. I didn’t get the return of energy that I had put in. At least not then. You have to gain trust. You won’t be the first Rep to push a brochure through someone’s door, but you might be the first that keeps coming back. Once people start to trust your commitment, they start ordering!
I stuck with it because I started to enjoy it. I had been going stir crazy and needed something to keep me mentally and physically active. I had also felt very isolated before starting AVON and the social aspect was such a much needed benefit. My AVON team that I was recruited into has been a lovely experience for me. Not only am I able to share ideas and get support, but I’m also building friendships. I have even built friendships with many customers and I value all of this more than anything. I could also work around my own family schedule and even get my daughter involved. She often goes out with me to deliver/collect books and she loves it. I treat her to special goodies from AVON for her help.
AVON is as very social business and if you’re thinking – ‘I’m too shy ‘, so did I! About a year ago, I started pushing myself to do something that breaks me out of my comfort zone at least once a day. For me, this could be ending my shower with ice cold water! So as someone who had considered herself an introvert, getting into sales was a scary thought to me. I fought it. I broke out of my comfort zone and opened a new door in my life. That is what breaking out of our comfort zone is all about – new experiences and new opportunities. It’s important to remember that most people don’t achieve success by playing it safe. Same is true for those who want to do nothing, but earn big – it just rarely becomes a reality.
AVON also reminded myself to put more energy into myself. Here I was selling beauty products that I rarely made time for personally. It was important for me to try the products myself if I was going to sell them. This process opened another door for me, a door that led to me taking more time out for myself. I started pampering myself more and it was guilt free. I could spend money on myself from my own commission and at discounted and even demo prices. There’s also the free products that you earn over your first 4 campaigns. £300 worth of products delivered to me for free that I could experiment with. It has lead me to finding some amazing products that have become favourites that I may never had tried before.
Being an AVON Rep has taught me important business, marketing, sales and organisation skills. To me, these new skills are priceless and have even crossed over into my personal life where I feel more settled and in control, especially of my finances. I not only value myself more on a personal level, but I am also starting to realise the value that I bring into my business.
If you are ready to step out of your comfort zone and open a new door, please message me. Not later when ‘you have more time’, that’s your comfort zone speaking. Message me now!

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