Rep Essentials: Pack Your Bags!

In this post, I’m going to list my essentials for delivering and collecting AVON brochures. If you want to be successful as an AVON Representative, you must be organised! If you’re not, odds are you are going to lose time and money.  When I first started, I felt like I was constantly out delivering/collecting my books. So much of my energy was being spent and I didn’t feel as if I was getting the financial returns to merit the hours I was putting in. Naturally, this started to bring me down and I thought about giving it all up. I loved my team though and enjoyed the interaction with the few customers I had early on, so I stuck with it.

I learned the hard way, but eventually I got organised. Below I have listed what has made my life as a rep easier – excluding brochures, sales flyers and order forms as they are pretty obvious.

My Essentials

  • 50 Brochure Bags (Product Number: 76935)
  • Printed Collection Date notice
  • 100 Calling Cards (Product Number: 82933)

I first tried using sandwich/freezer bags for my brochures, but they were either too big, which felt sloppy, or they were just that little bit too small. So I tried the brochure bags offered through AVON and as expected, they were the perfect size. What I hadn’t expected, was that they would be cheaper than the non-branded freezer bags I first bought. You can order a pack of 50 bags for only 80p! These bags come with AVON printed on them, which added a more clean and professional look that I wanted. The bags are pretty good quality and can be reused many times as well, so your 80p is going a long way here.

I started including printed notes which would introduce me to potential customers as their new area AVON Rep and gave my contact information. I found this was also a great way to get people to join my Facebook group as well. Each note had my group address and offered a 10% discount on their order if they joined. The main focus of these little notes, however, was to give a day and time that I would come and collect the brochures.  AVON offer templates to download from your Representative site or you can design your own from scratch.

Investing in the brochure bags through AVON and adding the notes in with each brochure was a huge time saver for me. More than half of the houses I had delivered to would leave the brochure in the bag outside for me to collect. Not only did this save me time, but I also felt that it made me less intrusive. I wasn’t having to knock and disturb someone who may have been cooking, eating, dealing with kids, etc. The brochure bags were also saving me money as well. As a rep, you pay for your brochures, so you want them back to deliver to another street. I lost about half of my brochures before brochure bags, either through them not being returned or getting damaged from being left outside.

What about the ones who might forget to leave the brochure out for you? This is where the calling cards come in. Again, this is something you can design and print yourself, but I’m happy to order them through AVON where I get a pack of 100 for only 60p. The calling cards can be used for delivery notice or brochure collection. You just tick which reason you are there for, circle which day you will return and push it through the door. 9 times out of 10, your brochure is out waiting for you on that day.

Hopefully these simple and very affordable tips are helpful for any new reps out there. I’m also open to hearing any other suggestions from reps that can make life as a rep easier, so feel free to share.

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